* All apliances shown come with
               all Habitat homes.


We have one home 3 bedroom 1 bath approx. 100 square feet in Harrison and we plan to build a new home in fall of 2021

Our homes are sold and make no profit.  What this means is that the homes are sold for what they cost to build or refurbish.  The families are the actual home owner's.  Clare County Habitat for Humanity will deed the home to the family at affordable mortgage rates .  The monthly mortgage payments are based on 25% - 35% of the families gross income.  The minimum gross (before taxes) income is $15,600.00 ($1,300.00 per month).  This income would have a mortgage payment of $325.00 - $455.00 per month.  This payment would include house payment, property taxes, and home owner's insurance.  Once you close on your mortgage (closing) your principal payment will never increase.

Clare County Habitat for Humanity 
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